Our Tailor Made Services

Our menus are bespoke designed according to the needs of each school. We work in partnership with the school, the children and the chefs to design our service to fit the school.



Primary Schools – Meet Our Veg Crew

Our ‘Veggie Crew’ characters are very popular with the children in primary schools. These characters are designed to encourage healthy eating and appear on the daily/weekly menu boards to encourage children to eat their vegetables.

We work in partnership with the school to develop our programme of food education initiatives and events. Our bespoke marketing plans for schools, include theme days chosen by the school, such as, religious festivals and around-the-world food experiences.

We are running ‘Veg Power’s Eat Them to Defeat Them campaign with fun vegetable displays, delicious tasters and some catering teams dressing up to encourage children to eat more vegetables. We also have an Eat the Rainbow campaign with reward stickers for trying new food and having a clean plate.


Taste Education


With TastEd (Taste Education) our Food Development Chefs are bringing a fresh fruit and vegetable experience into the classroom. Encouraging children to explore food using all of their 5 senses, our classes inspire children to be adventurous with food.

Engaging with the wider community of the school is important to us so we have after school cookery clubs to engage children and their parents in an enjoyable food education and cooking experience. We reach out to parents through social media, web content for the schools website, take home menus and newsletters.

Promoting healthy eating we work with schools to promote Free School Meals and we create starter packs for the new intake of pupils to engage the children.

Breakfast Club

Schools can choose from a range of hot or cold breakfast optons to suit their needs.

Break Time

We offer a selection of snacks to keep pupils and staff going throughout the day.

Staff Meals

We can provide your staff with a freshly prepared hot meal.

Packed Lunches, Events or Staff inset days

We can cater for training, trips and events as required.

Case Studies

We work with individual schools to meet their needs and individual requirements by tailoring our services according to the school. Our Case Studies give some examples of how we work with schools.

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School

Comprised of six primary schools in Derby, the trust has a collaborative approach to improving their schools, whilst giving a high level of autonomy to each member.  Their shared vision is to deliver an outstanding quality of education and care to their pupils. Currently four out of six of the schools are now catered for by Eat Culture and the further two schools are transferring to us in 2021.

Having been appointed the catering contract we came to do the catering for the very grand birthday celebration of Cherry Tree Hill Primary School’s 80th year. It was a well-attended event with pupils and parents past, present and future coming into the school to celebrate the many successful years of the school. It gave us a great opportunity to meet the pupils and parents and invite them to taste our food before we started our catering contract.

Forest Fields Primary School

Eat Culture have been serving school meals at Forest Fields Primary School since 1998 are proud to be part of this caring, friendly school where children value themselves and others and are encouraged to achieve beyond their expectations. The school represents a multi-cultural community where all cultures and beliefs are valued and celebrated.

Recognising the cultural diversity in our catered schools, we have established our own Halal Kitchen at Forest Fields School. We offer 16 schools a range of halal dishes to enjoy including authentic dishes, such as, Chicken Punjabi Curry, Tikka Masala Curry, Lamb Aloo Gosht and Lamb Tikka Masala. This enables us make the menu more accessible and gives us full control of what goes into each dish, as well as making a cost saving compared to buying comparable meals in from external suppliers.