Our Staff

When Eat Culture is appointed your current catering staff transfer to our employment in line with the TUPE regulations.  Find out how we will train and motivate your catering team.


We value our people and invest in on-going training and development because a well-trained and supported team is more motivated and delivers a better service.

The catering team will complete a three-week programme to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their duties with confidence. They will be trained on our recipes, cooking methods, ordering systems and customer care. This programme also familiarises them with all relevant policies and procedures they need to carry out their role effectively. All the team will receive Child Protection and Safeguarding training and have an enhanced DBS check.

The team will complete a Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering course to ensure they prevent contamination through good hygiene practices. A member of our team will cover the duties that this staff member would normally undertake.


The Catering Team Leader will build relationships with the school to understand the school’s needs and make sure that the catering team are on-board with the schools requirements.

The catering team will be supervised by a Catering Team Leader to ensure their training is kept up to date and for communicating updates relevant to the delivery of the contract.

The school’s catering team will have performance appraisals every six months. This dialogue enables us to identify any additional support or training requirements to enable continuous professional development of the catering team.

We believe that continuous professional development is vital to the successful delivery of services.

All our Team Leaders have completed the LACA workforce development standards.

The LACA Chair said, “The Eat Culture Catering Team is a pathfinder, one of the first providers to use the LACA workforce development standards as part of the national school food plan. The team not only thought about it, they planned it, resourced it and delivered it. Training is an essential part of this industry.”


In the event of a staff absence you will be supported by our mobile team to ensure continuity of service.