Adding Value




We run a programme of events throughout the year

as well as field to fork growing & cooking clubs

with food education embedded.


Theme Days and Curriculum Linking

 We run theme days throughout the year including Bonfire Night, Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year with a special menu of food and posters to put up around the school.

We offer a round-the-world experience of food, where pupils track their food journey on a personal food passport, while learning about the cultures and countries over the week. We work with the local community to develop and serve authentic dishes.

Taste Education

With TastEd our Food Development Chefs are bringing a fresh fruit and vegetable experience into the classroom. Encouraging children to explore food using all of their 5 senses, our classes inspire children to be adventurous with food.

Rebecca Hughes, Design and Technology Lead, said: “I think the children absolutely loved TasteEd. They could not stop talking about it during the week and they are still talking about it now. It also works well with the curriculum in many ways.

I have noticed that the children will now explore more food at lunch time, and they will at least try something new. Even if they do not like it, they are proud they have tried it. Parents have told me children have used the tasting skills when eating their dinner and a few parents said their child tried a new food they would not touch before.”

Veg Power- Eat Them to Defeat Them!

Look out for our Veg Displays and Tasters in participating schools. Let’s encourage pupils to eat more veg!

Cookery Club


Our cookery club is a place for parents and children to have some quality time together while skill sharing, having fun, socialising and cooking together. Empowering Parents and Children to support wider pupil health and wellbeing, the cookery club also highlighted the importance of a good school food culture. Children developed their practical cooking skills and ability to make informed choices about healthy eating.

Cookery Club Reviews

The children said: “I liked trying new things and learning about things in the kitchen.”

“I loved the cookery club because we got to eat the food we made also enjoyed tasting new dishes.”

Executive Headteacher at Djanogly Learning Trust, Tim Jeffs, said: “The response was overwhelming, the club soon had a waiting list. We were very keen to support Eat Culture in taking food education outside of the school kitchen, teaching people to create healthy low cost meals at home.”

Parents are invited

The best way to show parents how good school dinners are is to let them try one. That’s why we cater for inviting parents to enjoy a school dinner with their children for special events. We also come to parents evening with a table laid out with a selection of our tempting tasters.

Fine Dining Experiences


Our catering staff work closely with the school to reward good behaviour and manners from the children. 

We offer a ‘fine dining’ experience for children that the school have identified as setting a good example to other pupils. 

As part of this service, we set up a special table with table cloths and children are treated to a VIP dining experience. This is always well received by both the children and the school.


    Cake glorious, cake!


     We are looking forward to launching our school bake offs and are sure they will go down a treat. We will be asking the children to bake their favourite cake and the competition winner will see their recipe added to the school menu for everyone to enjoy.

    Growing Clubs

    We work in partnership with schools to encourage children to grow herbs and vegetables in a school vegetable patch as a great way of learning about where food comes from. Being out in the fresh air and looking after the plants is great for the children’s wellbeing as well as encouraging children to try new flavours.


    We support the school with the harvest and preparation of the fruit and vegetables before the fresh produce goes into the menu.