Online Ordering

Our online ordering system is called Evolve, it provides a greater visibility and control for parents for their child’s school meal. The system is efficient, will save a lot of time on administration and eliminate cash handling and more importantly it introduces robust safeguards for children with special dietary or allergen requirements. 

Our system is a great way of increasing uptake while involving children and parents in making their school food choices. It is also an effective way to manage allergens and dietary requirements.

Order From Home

Parents with their children can select their school meal choice at home or on the move. Ordering can be made from a smart phone, lap top or tablet.

Order in the Classroom

Children who have not yet made their selections will be able to make their choice on the smart board in the classroom.


  • We can provide touch screens for children to identify themselves at the servery
  • Meal requirements provided in real-time to the kitchen
  • Real-time visibility of meal uptake to ensure all children get the appropriate meal
  • Supports flexible dining arrangements
  • Flexible menu options for trips and theme days
  • Flexible cut-offs for meal ordering, cancellations and absence
  • Reduces queues with less time needed for monitoring
  • Improves parental communication


  • Online parent payment
  • Flexible payment options (cash / card)
  • Comprehensive meal and debt management facilities for the school office

Evolve Video Guides

Evolve have put together some short videos that give an overview of the key features of the system. They can be viewed by clicking the button below. 

    Pre-order Band system

    We offer different systems which will fit into the needs of the school. With our wrist band system the children pre-order and get a colour coded wrist band to guarantee their meal choice, the system also reduces food waste.

    Counter Service

    With this service children come up and choose at the servery.